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This is a quick overview of the services that are available from your control panel:

- Domains: List all domains associated with your account, as well as configure settings such as IP addresses or domain aliases.
- Web Options: Configure specific options, such as redirects, SSL support, or PHP settings for your domains.
- Change Password: Change the password on your control panel.
- Change Account: Select different hosting plans bound to your account.  You will, almost certainly, never need this option.
- Add Account: Add an extra hosting plan to your account.  Similar to the above, you will almost certainly never need this option; the unlimited bandwidth, storage, and domains of our Pro and Pro Plus accounts make multiple accounts redundant.

- E-mail: Enter the Mail Manager, which is used to administer email addresses and mailing lists for your account.
- Web Mail: One method into the webmail for an account.  As you can log directly into webmail from within the Mail Manager, this is generally not used.  You can also access webmail externally by going to http://mail.(your domain name)

- FTP Manager: Administer the FTP account and its associated sub-accounts for your domains.  Cron jobs can be added in here, as well.
- FTP Service: Used for advanced FTP settings; requires a dedicated IP address, and is virtually never required for your FTP service.

Contact/Billing Info:
- Contact Info: Change the contact information for your account.  Always keep the email address in this area current, as it is used to recover your password.
- Billing Info: Change the billing information for your account.  Much like the Contact Info section, it is vitally important that information in here remain up to date to prevent missing any important messages regarding the status of your account.
- Billing Statement: View and print current and past billing statements for your account.
- Statements by Profile: Much like the above, organized by billing period, rather than time.
- Online Price: View the rates for additional services, above and beyond what is already provided.

- SiteStudio: Utilize SiteStudio to easily build web sites.  Please note that SiteStudio cannot import your existing site; you must build from scratch to use SiteStudio.
- File Manager: Manage the files on your web site without the need for an FTP client.  Please note, however, that files larger than 2 MB will not be compatible with the File Manager; we recommend using a dedicated FTP client for heavy lifting.
- Stats: View statistics related to visitors, hits, and trends on your web sites.
- Reverse Traceroute: Verify that the IP address attached to your sites traces back to your domain name.  Useful for troubleshooting routing issues.
- Real Server: Manage your Helix account.  This is provided for legacy support; new Helix accounts are not currently offered to current customers.  We apologize for the confusion.

Web Server:
- EasyApps Collection: Install any of the EasyApps offered by our control panel.  Everything from blogging software to CMS to photo galleries to shopping carts are available, and can be installed with only a few clicks.

- MySQL Server: Create and manage permissions on MySQL databases for your account.
- phpMyAdmin: Manage the contents and/or make direct changes to the MySQL databases in your account.
- PgSQL Server: Create and manage permissions on PostgreSQL databases for your account.
- phpPgAdmin: Manage the contents and/or make direct

- osCommerce: Install osCommerce from your control panel.

CGI Wizard:
- phpBB: Much like osCommerce and Miva E-Commerce, this allows you to install phpBB bulletin boards directly from your control panel.

- Ticket Center
- New Trouble Ticket

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