Plesk Reseller: Setup your Virtual Nameservers

Virtual Nameservers are nameservers which we provide, but do not show that they are owned by us. If your clients do a "whois" search on their domain name, the namesevers will show your domain name, not ours. This keeps your reseller status anonymous.

For example you would be using:

To setup your virtual Nameservers, please refer to these directions:

You will select any 2 of your IPs to be assigned to your nameservers (these IPs can also be used for hosting as well).

* The first step is to add the domain on which you will base your nameservers. To do this, click the "Add New Domain" icon in your Reseller's Control Panel (do not worry about the www being added automatically). In this example, we will be using the domain name "".
* Next, from the main page of your Reseller's Control Panel, click the "IP Pool" icon and write down two of the IP addresses. You will be using these addresses later.
* From the main page of your Reseller's Control Panel, select the domain you added for your nameservers then select "DNS" in the services section.
* Now you will add A records and NS records for your desired name server:
- In the 'Add a DNS Record' section select "A" then click 'Add'.
- Type in the name you are assigning for the first ns hostname (i.e. 'ns')
and enter one of your IP addresses. Click 'OK'.
- Repeat the two steps above for the second nameserver. Be sure to use a different IP for this nameserver.
- Now you will want to add NS entries for your nameservers: in the 'Add a
DNS Record' section, select "NS" and click 'Add'.
- Leave the first field empty, add the first nameserver you created to the
second field (i.e.
- Repeat for the second nameserver (i.e. "ns2").
- Note it could take up to 24 hours for these additions to propagate. Click "OK".
* Visit your registrar at which "" was originally registered and register these new nameservers that you setup (above). Allow 24-72 hours for these changes to fully propagate the Internet.
* At this point, you can edit the DNS of any domain name you wish to host on your reseller plan to use your new nameservers. Allow 24-72 hours for any DNS changes to fully propagate the Internet.

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