Miva Header - Front Page Hyperlink

Adding a Link to your Miva Header or Footer If you need to put a 'link' in one of the headers or footers or Miva, first you will need to generate the code for the link. You can do that with Microsoft FrontPage.

Steps for generating the code for a link with Microsoft FrontPage for use in Miva

1. Go to Microsoft. FrontPage. editor
2. Create a new page
3. Type the text that you want to link
4. Highlight the text and choose 'insert' 'hyperlink'  then choose 'browse' and find the file in your web site that you would like to link to
5. choose the file
6. click 'ok'
7. highlight the text that is now a hyperlink.
8. at the bottom of your screen, there is a 'html' tab. click that tab
9. you will now see the raw code generated by Microsoft. FrontPage. for that hyperlink-the code that you need should be highlighted
10. right-click and choose 'copy' - what you are doing is copying the code for that link
11. go to the header or footer within Miva Merchant where you want the link to appear
12. click once to place your cursor in the window of the header or footer
13. right-click and choose 'paste'

Now you have put the code for a link in Miva Merchant. You can put any link in Miva Merchant by following these steps.

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