What is duplicate content and how can I avoid receiving a penalty for duplicate content on my website?

Duplicate content is the kiss of death for a website. It can deter your SEO efforts and affect your ability to get your pages indexed.

Duplicate content penalties can be caused by meta tags on various pages of your site that are too similar to those that are on other pages within your site. Another cause of this type of search engine penalty can be duplicate text on your pages. If you must use someone else's text such as a product manual, for example, consider hiring an experienced writer to re-write the text so that it is original. The added content will increase your website's credibility to search engine spiders, and you will have the added benefit of possibly gaining valuable links to your website when other webmasters recognize the benefit of your copy.

Multiple domains pointing to the same website can also trigger duplicate content penalties. The exception is if you have those domains setup properly by use of 301 redirects. Take a moment to read our 301 redirect and multiple domains article as well as the 301 redirect setup guide in our webmaster tutorial section.


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