Web based email

What kind of Web-based email is offered and how do I set it up?

<b>Shared hosting plans</b>

Setup: http://www.hsphere-webhosting.com/mailboxes.html#create

 - Squirrel Mail - Documentation located here: http://www.squirrelmail.org/wiki/en_US/UserManual
           Access: http://mail.websitesource.net/squirrelmail

<b>Reseller hosting plans</b>

 - Horde
         Setup: Horde - Video tutorials for setting up email are located here: http://www.websitesource.com/clientarea/reseller_get_started.shtml#help
         Access: Use the following URL in your browser: webmail.yourdomain.com

<b>Virtual Private Server (VPS) plans</b>

 - Open Web Mail - - Documentation located here: http://openwebmail.org/openwebmail/help/en/index.html
                - Click the Site tab and select Mailboxes on the left pane; Note: If you want to create a mailbox not for the current website, select the Mailboxes link from the System tab.
                - Click the Mailboxes tab at your dashboard and select New Mailbox;
                - Type a user name before @ in the E-mail field, and select one of your domains. If you want to create mailboxes for this user in each of your domains, select (multiple
                - Type a password for a user to read his (or her) mail. Finally, you can optionally add a free-form comment, just for future references;
                - To add a mailbox, click Finish.
                - To access via a web browser, enter the following in your browser's address bar: http://mail.yourdomain.com
                - From within the control panel, Click the Site tab and select Mailboxes on the left pane. Click the icon at the needed e-mail address at Actions column. The Open WebMail
                  login page appears in a separate window;

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