Miva Merchant setup on shared hosting

Note: There is a one-time setup fee for the Miva license. Check the hosting plans page for more details.

Getting Started with Miva Merchant - Help Guide: http://www.mivamerchant.com/support/docs//merchant/getting_started/Miva_Merchant-getting_started.pdf

Introduction: Miva Merchant has a complete set of wizards to simplify the process of building your store. Just follow the on-screen directions and you will have your store setup in no time!

The URL to your storefront is: http://domainname/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?

Power Plus hosting customers: To set up Miva Merchant, do the following:

   1. Click Miva E-Commerce on the control panel home page.
   2. Enable Miva E-Shop for your e-commerce domain.
   3. Agree to charges. If you get the message "Run out of MIVA Merchant licenses", report to technical support.
   4. Click the Apply link in the Status column.
   5. Click the Setup icon that has appeared next to the domain name.
   6. Click the Install button and complete the installation.
   7. Click the Edit icon to configure your Miva shopping cart. Alternatively, you can do it using Miva administration panel located at http://domain.com/Merchant2/admin.mvc?
   8. When it prompts you for a login and a password, enter those you use for your FTP account. Be sure and write these down and put them in a safe place! Do not loose them!
   9. Once you are logged into your Miva Admin screen, click "domain settings" then "site configuration".
  10. <b>Enter the following settings:</b>

URL to Miva Merchant: http://domainname/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?

Root Directory for Modules: /Merchant2/

Base URL for Graphics: http://domainname/Merchant2/

Root Directory for Graphics: /Merchant2/

Secure URL to Miva Merchant (unless you have your own secure certificate): https://domain.websitesource.net/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?

Secure URL to Miva Merchant Administration (unless you have your own secure certificate): https://domain.websitesource.net/Merchant2/admin.mvc?

Secure Base URL for Graphics (unless you have your own secure certificate): https://domain.websitesource.net/Merchant2/

Secure Root Directory for Modules: /Merchant2/

NOTE: You do NOT include the extension of your domain (ie. '.com', '.net', '.org').

NOTE: Replace yourservername with the server on which your domain resides and replace domainname with the domain name on your hosting account.

All-in-One hosting customers will need to enable Shared SSL in their control panel before they can utilize the shared SSL certificate. Click here for the directions for enabling Shared SSL: http://hsphere-webhosting.com/ssl.html#shared_ssl

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