HSPHERE: How do I pay with web based payment systems?

If you choose to pay with a web based payment system such as PayPal or WorldPay, you need to make an advance payment not less than the registration fee:

   1. Create a billing profile with a web based payment system if you haven't yet. A section with the amount due appears at the bottom of the billing info page.
   2. Click submit query. You'll be redirected to this gateway web interface to make the payment. You may have to create an account if you don't have one.
   3. Submit the payment. If the money is successfully charged to the credit card, the control panel receives a confirmation and the payment gets registered.
   4. Give your web host some time to processes the payment and enable the account. You will receive a welcome email upon account activation.

Since you pay outside the control panel, your credit card info won't be stored in your billing profiles and billing info won't show in the control panel.

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