HSPHERE: When Do I Pay?

Upon the account activation, a new billing period opens. It determines how far in advance recurrent fees for billing period resources are prepaid. Accounting for such resources as traffic, disk usage,  MySQL and PGSQL quotas is determined not by billing periods as it is for the rest resources, but by a billing month. It equals the number of days in the billing period divided by billing period duration in months.

A new billing period/month opens:
- when your account is activated upon signup or moderation
- when the previous billing period closes
- when the previous billing month closes (valid only for billing month)
- when you change to billing period shorter than the time elapsed from the begining of a current one
- when your start billing date is changed by admin.

<b>Changing Billing Period</b>

Your hosting plan may be configured to allow you to switch between billing periods of different length, price and discount policies. To change your billing period, go to Account - > Quick Access and click the Change icon next to Billing Period in the Statistics section. You will be taken to the page with a drop-down box that lists all the billing periods you can switch between.

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