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When you create your site using the "Site Studio" tool, there is an option for "personal" or "business" website. Be sure to choose "business" because there are more templates listed under the Business section.


We have the most recent release in our shared hosting plan, which is Site Studio 1.6RC3.   There are 21 personal templates each with 6 colors or skins. 21 x 6 = 126. Each of those has "old style" or "new style". 126 x 2 = 252. Each of these has 21 "page" templates to choose from. There are 45 business templates, each with 7 colors or skins. 45 x 7 = 315. Each of those has "old style" or "new style". 315 x 2 = 630. Each of these has 21 "page" templates to choose from.

And then among these skins, each has the following templates which you can mix and match:

- Calendar
- Online Polls
- Free clip art Images
- Resume Builder
- Amazon.com store builder
- Driving directions
- Genealogical family tree
- Custom counters
- Guestbook
- Photo album builder
- Online surveys
- Random joke teller
- Mobile pager notifier
and more -- (the documentation will show you more)

The combinations are endless...

For video tutorials on using Site Studio and the Site Studio Help Guide, please visit tour Support center here:

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