HSPHERE: Setting Up osCommerce

To set up osCommerce online shop, do the following:

   1. Select Domain info in the Domain Settings menu.
   2. Click the Edit icon in the Web Service field.
   3. On the page that shows enable osCommerce for the online store domain.
   4. Agree with charges, if any.
   5. Create a database and a user. osCommerce uses MySQL databases to store your commercial data, such as products, catalogues, etc.

      WARNING: Assigning a previously created MySQL database for use by osCommerce will clear contents of all its tables.

      The databases used by osCommerce will show among your MySQL databases marked "(Locked By osCommerce)".

      You can manage osCommerce databases with any MySQL GUI client or the built-in phpMyAdmin control panel.
 - For more information on MySQL please refer to MySQL Support chapter of this manual.

   6. Set permissions to the "admin" directory using the htProtect utility. This is done to restrict public access to osCommerce configuration.

Now let's take a look at the osCommerce controls:

 - <b>ON/OFF</b> - enable/disable the resource. Switching off your osCommerce will permanently remove all your osCommerce settings, databases, etc. So the next time you enable it, you'll have to configure it from scratch and you will be charged the osCommerce setup fee.

 - <b>EDIT</b> - click the icon in case you somehow corrupted the templates and want to get them fixed. Also, use it if you have just set your e-shop to use SSL certificate. This option resets the config file using the current hosting settings and restores the osCommerce files from the bundle.

 - <b>E-SHOP</b> - click the icon to go directly to your on-line store.

 - <b>ADMIN</b> - click the icon to go to your osCommerce administrative panel.

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