HSPHERE: Setting Up MIVA Merchant

Setting Up Miva Merchant

To set up Miva Merchant, do the following:

   1. Select Domain info in the Domain Settings menu.
   2. Click the Edit icon in the Web Service field.
   3. Enable Miva E-Shop for your e-commerce domain.
   4. Agree to charges. If you get the message "Run out of MIVA Merchant licenses", report to technical support.
   5. Click the Apply link in the Status column.
   6. Click the Setup icon that has appeared next to the domain name.
   7. Click the Install button and complete the installation:
   8. Click the Edit icon to configure your Miva shopping cart. Alternatively, you can do it using Miva administration panel. When it prompts you for a login and a password, enter those you use for your FTP account.
   9. Click the View icon to see how your online store looks from the Internet.
  10. To remove Miva Merchant database with all its entries, click the Uninstall icon.

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