HSPHERE: Individual Disk Space Quotas

Quotas are set separately for your home directory, each mailbox and DB and define how many MB you can store in it. You can't upload and store more MB than the resource's quota allows (except for MySQL DBs and PgSQL DBs) and will get an error message if you try to do so. Every 5 minutes the system scans your home FTP directory, mailboxes and DBs to see how much disk space is being used and updates the corresponding quota usage readings, so you can always check how many MB are being used by the resource and how many more MB can be uploaded.  

<b>Increasing Quotas</b>

To upload more MB than the resource's quota allows, you can increase it.
Learn how to increase quota for:

 - your home directory
 - mailbox

Resources' quotas can be max restricted which means you won't be able to increase it any higher when this limit is reached. To check how much you can increase your quotas to, go to Billing > Online price and check the Max field in the quota's entry.

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