HSPHERE: Account Settings

Account settings are listed at the top of the info/control area.

 - <b>User</b>: the name by which you are known to the hosting system. It's the same as your control panel login.
 - <b>FTP Login</b>: the login name you use when you upload your site to your home directory on the server.
 - <b>Plan</b>: the arrangement of resources and services you are subscribed to. To change your plan, click the icon next to the plan name. You cannot change between incompatible plans, like Unix and Windows.
 - <b>Billing period</b>: the period of time you pay for. Your payments include recurrent fees charged at the beginning of the billing period and usage fees charged at the end of the billing period. For more information see the Paying for Hosting chapter of this manual. Click the icon to switch to a different billing period.
 - <b>Domains</b>: the sites you host in this account. Within one account, you can host as many sites as your plan allows.

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