HSPHERE: Creating Mailboxes

To create mailboxes in addition to webmaster and postmaster mailboxes obligatory created on each maildomain:

   1. Click New E-mail on the maildomain Controls page:

   2. On the configuration page, that you will be taken to, enter the mailbox name in the Email address field.
   3. Check the Catch All box to collect email messages sent to a nonexistent account on the mail domain.
      If catch all isn't enabled on any mail resource running on the mailbox's mail domain, such email message will bounce back to the sender with an error notification.
   4. Check the box next to MAILBOX.
   5. Configure the mailbox:

 - Password
 - Confirm password: re-enter the password.
 - Comment: enter description to help identify the mailbox.
 - Discard All Incoming Mail
 - AntiSpam
 - Use mail domain antispam preferences: check the box to use antispam preferences configured for the maildomain.
 - AntiVirus

   6. Click the Submit button at the bottom of the form.
   7. Agree with the charges, if any.

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