HSPHERE: Sending Messages to Mailing List Subscribers - avoiding spam filter

To send a message to a mailing list, send the newsletter to the mailing list e-mail address using WebMail or any mail client such as Outlook Express.

These are the most common mistakes made in sending out email to a mailing list, which result in accidental spam filtering:

    Using spammy phrases, like “Click here!” or “Check this out!”. 
    Avoid using exclamation marks !!!!!!!!!!!!
    USING ALL CAPS, WHICH IS LIKE SCREAMING (especially in the subject line).  Some filters give high marks as spam for this .
    Coding sloppy HTML, usually from converting a Microsoft Word file to HTML
    Creating an HTML email that’s nothing but one big image, with little or no text (since spam filters can’t read images,
     they assume you’re a spammer that’s trying to trick the receiver.
    Using the word “test” in the subject line or draft.
    Sending a test to multiple recipients within the same company (that company’s email firewall can only assume it’s a spam attack)

Ask recipients of your mailing list to add your mailing list address to their contacts or white list if they have access to that.

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