HSPHERE: Webalizer, ModLogAn and Urching Web Analyzers

Information about the operation of your site is critical for decision-making. To obtain this information, you need to analyze statistics data that is written to log files in your home directory on the server:

- Error log - stores data about errors generated by the server (e.g. Page Not Found error) or by your CGI scripts;
- Transfer log - stores combined data about every visit to your site, including:

- Remote host IP (i.e. visitor's IP);
- Time of request (i.e. when visitor requested the page);
- First line of request;
- Error generated by request, if any;
- Size of message sent in response to the request;
- Referrer (i.e. from which page visitor was directed);
- Agent ID (i.e. type of browser or another agent and related information, such as user's OS, etc.) ;

- Referrer log - stores the list of URLs from which visitors are referred to your site; and
- Agent log - stores data about agents used to enter the site -- such as browsers or any other Internet-based software -- and all related data.

To enable or disable writing log files, do the following:

- Select domain Info in the Domain Settings menu.
- Click the Edit icon next to the Web Service field.
- On the page that shows, scroll down to the Settings section and click the ON/OFF icon next to the log files.

To view the log files records, do the following:

1. Select Quick access in the Account menu and click the Web Options icon.
2. Choose the necessary domain
3. Scroll down to Log files and click the View icon next to it.
4. List of log files shows.
5. Click the necessary file and all its records will show.

Note: Entering end in the Line Number field will show a list of records from the tail of a logfile.

The statistics data in the log files is difficult to read. Web analyzers will read log files to produce visual reports in HTML format for viewing through a browser.

To enable these analyzers and view statistics reports for your sites, do the following:

1. Select Domain Info in the Domain Settings menu.
2. Click the Edit icon next to the Webalizer field.
3. On the page that shows, click OFF to switch it to ON next to the Webalizer field.
4. Click the Apply link on the right of this domain.
5. Click the View icon to see your statistics report.

Note: To use Urchin, you need to buy a license.

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