HSPHERE: What it Traffic Limit and How Do I Change It?

The use of traffic cannot be physically restricted. This means nothing happens if you exceed your traffic limit that initially equals Free gigabytes allowed with your account: your web-sites, mailboxes and virtual ftp accounts will continue to work. Each GB beyond the limit, however, will be charged at the overlimit rate. To prevent overlimit charges, you can reserve more traffic by changing your traffic limit to the bandwidth level you are expecting to have. With traffic limit increased, each traffic month you'll be accrued recurrent fee for the whole booked amount, which is usually lower than the usage(overlimit) charges.

To change traffic limit:

1. Select Account Settings in the Account Menu.
2. Click the Change icon in the Transfer Summary Traffic field.
3. On the page, enter summary traffic you expect to run up over the month.

When you are changing traffic limit, the current traffic cycle closes, and the following calculations are performed:

1. Traffic limit for a traffic cycle is prorated to the period from the start of the traffic month to the day when the traffic limit is changed.
2. The resulting GBs are subtracted from total traffic run up by this day.
- The traffic run up during the last day of the traffic cycle is transferred to the next traffic cycle calculations.
3. If the result is positive, it is accrued usage fee.
4. Traffic is reset.
5. If at the begining of the billing period you pre-paid for the traffic limit, you are refunded the recurrent fee prorated to the time left to the end of the billing period.
6. If new traffic limit is higher than free GBs provided by the plan, you are accrued recurrent fee prorated to the time left to the end of the billing period.

As the result of traffic cycle interruption the billing period for traffic becomes different from the billing period for the account.

For example, you are hosted with 0 free units, the traffic limit is 6 GB, and the billing period of 6 months starts 1 January. By 15 January, you run up 3.5 GB of traffic and decide to increase traffic limit.

1. 6 GB of month traffic limit is prorated to 15 days which makes 3 GB.
2. Prorated traffic limit of 3 GB is subtracted from 3.5 GB of traffic run up for 15 days which makes 0.5 GB.
3. 0.5 GB of excess traffic is charged at a usage fee.
4. Traffic is reset.
5. A new traffic month is open and since then will close on the 15th of each month
6. You are refunded recurrent fee for pre-paid 6 GB traffic limit. The refund is prorated to five and a half month left to the end of billing period.
7. You are accrued recurrent fee for the increased traffic limit. The fee is prorated to five and a half months left to the end of billing period.

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