Moving files from your old host to your new account at Web Site Source, using Microsoft FrontPage 2000

1. The Microsoft FrontPage extensions must be installed before you begin to work with FrontPage. To do this, go to your Control Panel and click on MS FrontPage.

2. Using FrontPage, open your hosting account directly off our servers. To do this, in FrontPage 2000, click 'file' 'open FrontPage web' 'web folders' then type in or http://IPaddress (if you domain name registration is not yet complete). Next, type in your original username/password that you received via email from Web Site Source.

3. Now that you have your web site opened up directly off of our servers, you can import your files from the old host. In FrontPage, choose 'file' 'import' then click 'from Web'. The wizard will ask you a series of questions that will guide you through the rest of this process.

4. When this is finished, you will see many files on the left-hand section of FrontPage. Make sure your home page (the welcome page) is named index.html. If it is not, you can rename it by clicking on the file name once, then right-click and choose rename.

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