Getting Started

Thank you for choosing Web Site Source!

Below are a few helpful hints that will make your transition to the Web Site Source a smooth one. Please check our online manuals or the other support resources available for fast, informative assistance.

Your Domain
If you have ordered a new domain through us, then it should begin working within 24-48 hours. If your domain is a transfer, read the following:

If you registered your domain name with Network Solutions, and if you selected "domain transfer" on our hosting order form, then your domain transfer was automatically initiated for you. Just follow these steps to finalize the transfer and point your domain name to our servers. If you did not purchase your domain from Network Solutions or if you did not click "domain transfer" on the hosting order form, then please complete these Easy Domain Transfer steps.

Your Control Panel
Each Web Site Source hosting customer has a unique control panel which allows you to setup your email addresses, check site stats, install FrontPage extensions, and much more. You will normally access your control panel using the following.

If your domain name is not yet working, you can access your control panel via your IP address at:


(Replace 'yourIPaddress' with your IP number and replace with your domain name.)

You will receive this information in your "welcome email" after completing the sign up process. If you did not receive the welcome email, please contact us at the help desk and ask that we re-send that information.

Your Emails
Your emails can be setup by accessing your control panel (see above). Your email will not work until your domain name is working on our servers. For more info, see our Email online manual.

Replace the Under Construction page
Be sure and name your home page: index.html (case sensitive) in order to overwrite your "under construction" page that was created for you automatically. If you are using the Site Creation Tool to create your web pages, this is not necessary. For information on using the Site Creation Tool, please refer to the Site Creation Tool online manual. Please refer to our instructions on uploading your pages to your hosting account. For additional help on uploading your files, or FTP, please click here.

Microsoft� FrontPage� users
You must first go into your Control Panel and click on the MS FrontPage� button so that your FrontPage� extensions will be installed. Wait 30 minutes before uploading your web site. Please refer to these instructions for publishing your pages or the other support resources for FrontPage� users.

Do NOT delete the following system files and folders:


You can see these directories using your File Manager in the Control Panel.

Have A Question?
If you need to ask a question about your hosting account, please visit our Support Center or contact technical support. Anytime you contact us for technical support, be sure to include your domain name, and account username, and a full description of any problems, or errors you are experiencing.

Detailed information can be found in your "welcome email". The welcome email will have your username/password, IP address, and many other helpful hints on creating and maintaining your web site. If you did not receive your welcome email or if you have lost it, please contact our technicians at the help desk and request a new copy.

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