DSM- Site Creation Tool

To get started using this tool, log into your Control Panel at http://www.yourdomain.com/menu by providing
your username and password.

Once inside, click on the Site Creation Tool and you will be taken to a new window where you will have the option of

1. Utilize the Site Creation Tool to build your web site,
2. Make the pages you design with Site Creation Tool your default pages, or
3. View pages you've already designed using your Site Creation Tool.

Assuming this is your first time using the Site Creation Tool, click option number 1 to begin building your pages. The first screen you will be taken to will ask you for a title for your home page, this title will be the first text that will appear on your pages. After you've supplied the title click next.

The next screen you will be taken to will ask you for either a background image or a background color for your web pages. The Site Creation Tool provides you with a large selection of pre-designed images for your web pages, all viewable and selectable from within your Site Creation Tool. Once you've made your choice, click next.

The next screen you will be taken to will ask you for the text that you want to appear on your web page. You do not have to enter everything at this point as everything that you've done to this point you will have an opportunity to edit later. Once you've entered your information, click next.

In the next screen you will be asked to select the color you want for your text. Select the color and click next.

In the next screen you will be given an opportunity to select an image for the top of your home page. Click next.

Q: How do I make the pages that I have created visible on the Internet?
A: Click the second button in the Site Creation Tool. This is the one that says 'change default to Site Creation Tool'. See step 2 above.

Q: I deleted my index.html (Under Construction) page in my www folder using the File Manager. Now my pages that I created using the Site Creation Tool do not show up when I click 'Change Default to Site Creation Tool' . How can I fix this?
A: Go to your File Manager in the Control Panel. Click on your www folder and create a file called index.html. Then, go back to your Site Creation Tool and click the Second button that says 'Change Default to Site Creation Tool'. Now, your web pages will be visible.

Q: How do I add more images than the allocated 26?
A: You can paste the following html code into your site editor:

Text That shows up when a user moves their mouse over the picture

Be sure to insert your domain name and your image name in the above code.

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