Podcasting is the procedure of distributing multimedia over the Internet. Multimedia files include a number of media files like text, animation, video, graphics, interactivity, and audio. After being distributed over the Internet, they are used for playback on various mobile devices and computers. This distribution of multimedia files over the Internet is done with the help of RSS or Atom syndication formats.  

What is RSS?

Really Simple Syndication (RSS 2.0) belongs to the family of web feed formats. They make use of the XML for Web syndication. They are used in various areas including weblogs, websites catering to news, and podcasting. RSS provides synopsis of web contents along with links to the complete description of the contents, and delivers this information in XML format, which is then known as RSS feed or webfeed. RSS also helps the users of a site to detect the latest updates of the site with the help of an aggregator.  

Areas where Podcasting is utilized

Podcasting is slowly replacing the other means of audio entertainments. They have become a craze among the computer savvy crowd. Podcasting is nothing complicated. It is the online audio content that takes the help of an RSS feed to be delivered. The best part of podcasting is that, it is the users who determine the time, place and the type of program that they want to listen to. Podcasting is used in various areas and can be used for various reasons:

  • Music – It can be used for Brand Promotion through clips and interviews. Podcasting also helps you to entertain yourself by listening to musical shows at your own convenience.
  • Talk Shows – Podcasting is increasingly used for news coverage, sports news and commentaries, stock and investment news, and other organizational and industrial news.
  • Training – Podcasting is used to provide audio training information with clips and graphics.
  • Self-Guided Tours – Podcasting provides you with useful information to keep you well informed in your specific area of interest.
  • Story Telling – Podcasting is used to tell stories to children or to the visually impaired.   

Podcasting and Audio Files

Podcasting provides a simple way of distributing audio and video files to listeners through the Internet. The word Podcasting is formed by clubbing two words - iPod and Broadcasting. Podcasting makes use of RSS to syndicate the audio files. It is similar to News aggregator or a standard RSS feed reader. The difference lies in the fact that the feed that you subscribe to has an audio file within it. Thus, instead of reading the content, you can simply listen to it with the aid of podcasting supportive reader or aggregator.

Even though podcasting got its name because of the “iPod”, you do not always need an iPod to listen to a podcast. The podcasts are displayed with clickable links to audio files, on various websites. It is the presence of these audio files that makes the feed a podcast, instead of a standard RSS feed. The audio files are enclosed within the “enclosure” tag inside RSS 2.0. Podcasting helps to provide creative and media-rich content. The increase in the number of potential podcasting audience and the benefits of syndication makes podcasting a lucrative area that is ready to spread its wings amongst all the Internet users.  

Various Podcasting Software

A number of Podcasting software is present to serve your application need. The Podcasting software is categorized based on their function like Podcast creation, Podcast download, Audio recording, Windows Podcasting clients and much more.

  • Podcast Creating Software: The Podcast creating software helps to create, supervise, edit and distribute podcasts to various websites. Content distribution and syndication is done through the help of RSS. The Podcast creating software helps you to create your own professionally looking RSS feed within very little time. They help to create and also maintain infinite number of RSS feeds and podcasts. You can even get your voice posted on the net through your phone.   
  • Audio Recording Software: A number of audio recording software helps the Internet users to record audio files for Podcasts. They automatically record the favorite radio shows for the users to listen to it later during their leisure time. These recordings can be easily transferred to MP3 Player, iPod, CD or your PC. They help you to add all your favorite shows and stations by programming it properly. In iPods, they even prepare “Bokmarkable” files to save space.


Replay Radio 7

  • Podcast Download: You can download various managers for podcasts. They are various online services that help in searching and sharing podcast feed. All you need to do is search your required store for podcasts, and download to listen to it with the help of this software. Some of them can automatically import subscriptions from the OPML format. They integrate perfectly with Windows Media Player or the Apple iTune Play lists. They manage all the subscriptions, update the feed locations, views the video podcast, plays audio podcasts, and often provides proxy support.


  • Windows Podcast Software: This software allows the users to view and listen to all the information that are present in podcasts. They are placed in specific locations and areas. They help you to keep you informed with the latest news and information. You have full control over it and can organize and display your preferred news items based on the keywords that you have inserted. They provide you with various search channels, auto synchronization, and easy to read newspaper layout. They are often supplied with built-in podcast receivers to download all the audio files into your iPods. They are pre-configured with loads of feed to make your work simpler.


FeedDemon for Windows  

Why is Podcasting Beneficial?

When you listen to a radio, you have no control over the type of music that is being played. Neither do you have control over the time and place when you want to listen. Podcasting is extremely useful to the users since it allows them the flexibility to adjust the type of music, the time and the locale where they would like to hear it. Once you download the audio and video version, you are free to listen and view it wherever you want to. You can select the radio shows based on the topic of conversation, interviews, discussions, debates, and music. Moreover, you can download conversations and music playing over the radio and on the net for later reference and usage. They are extremely beneficial for education-based tutorials and foreign language based instructions. Various walking guides, step-by-step tutorial lesions, lectures given in classes, and much more can be derived using podcasting. You can even get hold of loudly read out stories and thesis from books to aid the visually impaired.

Inbuilt Advantages of Podcasting

Podcasting has the potential to become a major success with its day-to-day increase in demand due to the presence of some inherent benefits:

  • New Hardware not required – Due to the easy accessibility of podcasting in iPods and mobile phones, you do not require investing in new hardware. By selecting the desired subscription, a user can enjoy the benefits of Podcasting by downloading the programs. 
  • Radio Programs – With the aid of Podcasting, the listeners are provided a wide array of old radio programs that are in high demand.
  • Advertisement – A new medium for advertising, Podcasting attracts the advertisers to display and announce their products to millions of users.
  • On demand Broadcasting – Podcasting provides the users with this unique advantage of on-demand listening of your favorite channels and programs.
  • Low Investment – Podcasting is done by podcasters. It requires very little investment. Even you can become a podcaster if you have access to the Internet, computers, and knowledge on software.
  • Creativity – One of the best features of a Podcasting community is that they give stress to creativity. The more creative the content is, the more is the number of subscribers.   

Where to Submit a Podcast?

There are a number of sites and directories where you can submit your Podcast. You can not only submit your new podcast, but also update the existing podcast listings. For this, you will have to select a user accessible and valid URL and submit it to the RSS feed. Along with the URL, you will have to submit your podcast in a proper category. On being reviewed, they will appear on the site. You can be asked to register first to avail the benefits of Podcasting.


RSS File Submission  

Podcasting and Home Business

Podcasting is casting its spell over home business rapidly. You get a variety of Podcasts on cooking, home appliances, home maintenance, video games and more. Podcasting helps to advertise your home business and conveys the users the types of services that the business provides. Some of the benefits of Podcasting for Home business include:

  • Reach your target customers – due to the constant increase in the number of podcasting usage, it serves as a very good medium to reach your target customers. Podcasting provides the customers with up-to-date information of the type of service your home business provides.
  • Passionate discussion on Products – You must be passionate about the product or service that your home business caters to. Podcasting gives you the opportunity to connect with others who are equally passionate about the service your business offers.
  • Information Sharing – It is not easy to glance through all the pages of a book to search your desired topic. Thus, podcasting helps you to make your product’s name and type of service available to all those who are in a quick search of this kind of material. Broadcast this information in an interesting way to captivate the attention of the listeners.
  • Expertise – Due to constant research, information and frequent podcasting, you become an expert in the field of your business area.
  • Economic and Easy – Podcasting is the easiest way to popularize your service area. You can even use a phone to record your podcast. Along with its ease to use, it is also very economical. 


Validating your Podcast

For proper podcasting, you need to be sure that your podcasting feed is valid. There are RSS Feed Validators that helps you to judge the validity of your Podcast. The Feed Validator works on RSS 0.90, 0.91, 0.92, 0.93, 0.94, 1.0, 1.1, and 2.0.

Feed Validator  

Podcasting News and Articles

Want to keep yourself updated with the latest Podcasting News? This is very effective as it informs you about the various inventions and versions of podcasting. Even the articles give you a sound idea on the various podcasting tools and resources, on instant podcasting, and other queries that you have in mind regarding Podcasting.

Podcasting News and Articles

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