FTP Passwords

To keep your site secure, it is highly recommended that you have a secure password to keep hackers out. Passwords such as 'password' and '1234' are more common than one may believe, and are the equivalent of leaving your site open to anyone.

We recommend that your passwords must be at least:

- 8 to 10 Characters in length
- contain at least one UPPER CASE letter
- contain at least one number (0-9)

For password recommendations, we recommend using a password generator, such as any of the following: 

To Change your FTP Password:

- Click on the "FTP Manager" icon on the main page of the control panel, and then click the notepad icon to the right of Password (or the notepad icon to the right of a subaccount).

- Log into your subscription, go to the Websites & Domains tab, click on FTP Access, then the user you wish to edit, and set a new password there.

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