HSPHERE: Transferring Existing Domains or Registering Nonstandard Domains

To add a new domain name to your account:

1. Select Add New Domain in the Domain Settings menu:
2. Choose the type of domain you want to register.

To transfer an existing domain or register a nonstandard domain with your account, use the second form:

If you are creating a regional domain (e.g. your_domain.uk) or would like to use a different domain registration company, no automation is provided. Thus, first you need to make sure that you have a valid domain name. Enter it into the lower box, omitting the www. part.

Following the registration you will get an e-mail notification with the information to send to your domain name registration company. They will make appropriate changes on the root DNS servers, and within a couple of days your domain will be accessible at the new IP address. In the meantime, your site will be available by the instant domain alias.

Domain registration is a standard procedure. First, you purchase a domain name from a domain registration company. Second, you register this domain name with your web-hosting provider and get your new IP address. Third, you send this IP address to your domain registration company, where it is set as the IP address for your domain name. It is only then that your site becomes available to all Internet community. This is true both of standard and nonstandard domains. In case of standard domain names, however, the registration process is automated.

You can't transfer domains that are already in use in the system. Nor can you transfer third level domains if they use a second level domain owned by another user.

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