HSPHERE: Creating Domains Based on Your Provider's Domain Names (Third Level Domains)

To add a new domain name to your account:

1. Select Add New Domain in the Domain Settings menu:
2. Choose the type of domain you want to register.

Third level domains are registered on your provider's DNS server. You don't need to register a third level domain with a domain registration company. If you choose to create a third level domain, it will contain your provider's domain name. E.g. if your provider's domain name is besthosting.com, and the third level domain you are registering is mythirdlevel, the fully qualified domain name would be mythirdlevel.besthosting.com.

Third level domain registration is available only if it is allowed under the selected plan. Functionally, third level domains have same features as second level domains.

To register a third level domain name, enter the desired domain name in the Domain name field. From the box on the right, select provider's domain name where you would like to create the third level domain:

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