Which DNS nameservers do I use?

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DNS Name Server Information

* H-Sphere Name Servers (For those who log in at https://cp.websitesource.net/):
Primary: ns20.websitesource.net
Secondary: ns21.websitesource.net
Tertiary: ns22.websitesource.net

* Plesk Name Servers (For those that log in at https://vps.websitesource.com/cp):
Primary: ns10.websitesource.com
Secondary: ns11.websitesource.com

Tertiary: ns12.websitesource.com

* You will need to know what type of hosting account you have with Website Source in order to determine which name servers to use.


We recommend you transfer your domain to us.  However if you do not wish to transfer your domain name registrar:

You must make a simple change to your DNS in order to start using your domain name with your hosting account at Website Source Hosting.

Follow these steps:

1. In order to edit your DNS and point your domain name to Website Source Hosting, you will need to visit the site at which you originally registered your domain name.

2. If you do not know which registry your domain name was registered with, just look up your domain name here, and then press the "Go" button, followed by "Show Me WHOIS Output" to see which company is listed in the "Registrar" section.

3. At your domain registrar's site, you will need to login to their system using the username and password they assigned you. Once you login, you will come across a link that allows you to change your nameserver information. In that section, please update your nameserver information to the following (you will need to know what type of hosting account you have with Website Source Hosting in order to proceed):

Once your modifications have been submitted, it will take 24-48 hours before your new information will be visible on the Internet. This 24-48 h Website Source Hosting delay is due to zone file propagation. The zone files, which update the Internet, are not transferred instantaneously. They take at least 24 hours to upload to the Main Root Servers which, in turn, spread information throughout the Internet. This can create delays of up to 48 hours before changes are visible in Website Source Hosting WHOIS database.

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