Domain Transfers

The issue of on-line security continues to lead to new rules and regulations regarding all aspects of site management and recently, to prevent illegal or unethical use of domain names, domain registrars are now required to obtain an authorization code before a domain can be transferred.

In the past, domains could be transferred from one registrar to another simply by responding to an automated email. It was pretty straightforward and easy to subvert.

Beginning October 28, 2006, transfers of .com and .net domains require an EPP Code (also known as a Transfer Authorization Key) in order to migrate from one web host to another. These key codes are generated by the current domain registrar (often your web host). The steps to transfer a domain are:

* 1. The transfer must be announced and verified by the current registrar to the new
* 2. The domain must have been registered for at least 60 days.
* 3. The domain must maintain an ACTIVE or OK status.
* 4. ICANNs Transfer policy states that a domain must remain with one registrar for at
least 60 days before becoming eligible for another transfer. The exception to this rule
is in cases of legal disputes involving the domain registration.
* 5. Any registrar transfer will now require a transfer authorization key. A transfer authorization key is required for each distinct domain.
* 6. A transfer is not complete until the new registrar receives the transfer authorization key from the previous registrar.

If you have any questions about migrating your site, please contact the Website Source support staff at 512-608-9990 or e-mail your question to support @

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