Most problems with Miva Merchant can be easily fixed by logging into your Miva Admin and correcting the <b>"Domain settings"</b> under <b>"Site Configuration".</b>

To do this,

   1. Login to your Miva admin (You will need the username/password for your Miva admin. You probably choose a username/password when you first "setup" Miva on your domain).
   2. In your Miva Admin screen, click on the store name.
   3. Then click "domain settings ".
   4. Now, click "site configuration".

Most Miva errors can be easily fixed by correcting the domain settings in your Miva Admin.

For detailed instructions on setting up your Miva store, please see the Miva Merchant setup instructions in our Knowledgebase. If you do not have the correct URLs in your "domain settings", Miva will not function correctly.

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