HSPHERE: What Do I Pay For?

To see your plan's prices, select Online Price in the Billing menu.

The table explained:

 - <b>Free</b>: the minimum number of units you initially get for free.

 - <b>In Use</b>: the number of units you are currently using.

 - <b>Max</b>: the maximum number of units you can have.

 - <b>Setup</b>: single-time amount payable at the moment when a unit of this specific resource is purchased beyond free units.

 - <b>Recurrent</b>: the amount payable at the beginning of each payment period for this type of resource. If a resource is purchased in the middle of the payment interval, the recurrent fee is calculated for the period from this moment to the end of the payment interval. Recurrent fee is refundable adjusted for refund percentage (see below).

 - <b>Usage (i.e. extra)</b>: payment for every unit of this resource used over the set quota. It is charged:
at the end of each billing period;
when you change to a different plan;
when you delete this resource, in which case it is calculated for the period from the beginning of the payment interval to the moment of resource deletion or plan change.
      Usage fee is nonrefundable.

 - <b>Refund Percentage</b>: If you delete this resource, you will be returned recurrent fee adjusted for the refund percentage for the days left to the end of the current billing period when you quit using the resource.

      E.g.: Your billing period is 1 month long. It started on November 1 and will be closed on November 30. Recurrent fee for dedicated IP is $3. At the beginning of your billing period you were charged $3 for dedicated IP. On November 10 you are switching to shared IP. With 10% refund you will get back $0,2.

      Refund is calculated according to the following formula:
      money to be refunded = (recurrent fee x time left to the closure of the billing period)/ duration of the billing period.

      IMPORTANT: Refunds are not placed on credit card accounts. Instead, money is either put on your hosting account balance or is sent to you by check.

Empty Fees fields mean that nothing is charged for this resource. If all fields for a specific resource are empty, this resource is completely free.

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