Why aren't my images showing up on my website?

Make sure that the images are uploaded inside the correct folder. You can create a separate "images" folder inside your hosting space. If you've created a separate folder, you need to upload the images to that folder.

Please make sure that URL that you provide for calling the image in the browser is specified properly in the file from where you are calling the image. For example if you have a image "photo.gif" which is uploaded in the "images" folder and the file that you're calling this image is "photo.html" (which is in side the “www’ folder), the path to call that image should be as follows:

img src="/images/photo.gif" (you need to provide the exact path for the image that you're calling).

Please make sure that the image is also uploaded properly. Sometime, when you right click on the broken image, and click on the properties, you have the file size as -1. In this case, you need to re-upload the image. Also, there are possibilities that you have created the link to call the image, but the image is not at all uploaded.

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