Configuring CGI Scripts Using SSL

How do I call a CGI script securely?

Using your local CGI BIN, your path would look like this:

The first thing you must find out is on which server your domain resides. To find this information, please go to your control panel and click on 'Account management'. You will see something like under the heading of "Hosting Server".

If you would like to use securely you first need to:

1. Save a copy of this script on your local hard drive.
2. Upload the '' file into your local /cgi-bin directory. Then instead of calling the universal /cgi-sys directory, you would call your own /cgi-bin directory. It would look something like this:

Note: You do NOT include the extension of your domain (ie. '.com', '.net', '.org').
Note: Replace yourservername with the server on which your domain resides and replace your_domain with the domain name on your hosting account.

What is your server path to PERL and Sendmail?

Our server path to PERL is:

The path to the Sendmail program is:

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