Ecommerce Hosting FAQ

Which shopping cart is included with my hosting plan?
The shopping cart that is included with your account is dependent on which hosting plan you choose. If you plan on setting up an online store, please refer to this ecommerce hosting chart to help you make your selection.

Where are the Miva Merchant help files?
The Miva Merchant User's Guides are located online here:

Is it Easy to setup an E-Commerce website?
Yes, you can easily setup an online store by following the 5 Steps to E-Commerce:

Will I be able to setup a shopping cart on my website?
You can use Miva Merchant to sell your merchandise on the Internet. Miva Merchant works with real-time credit card transactions. You will need, however, an Internet Merchant Account:

Do I still need a Merchant account with Miva Merchant?
Don't confuse the two, they are different. Miva Merchant gives you all the tools to easily process online orders through a number of third party gateways. If you plan on being able to accept Master card and Visa you will still need to establish a Merchant account.

How do I get started with my Miva Merchant store?
Just order online and choose Website Source Hosting Power Plus hosting plans. You will receive an email confirmation within 15 minutes with your account information and instructions on accessing your control panel. Then, contact Website Source Hosting web hosting technical support to request the Miva Merchant installation on your hosting account. Installation of Miva Merchant on your hosting account will take 1-2 business days to complete:

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