Cron Job Manager allows clients to set up specific tasks for the server to complete through an easy-to-use interface. Notifying the client when the task is completed can be done by having the output and completion status sent to an email account they specify.

Once you have enabled this new tool in the desired packages, click on the icon in the Control Panel.

Once you have logged into the Control Panel and enabled Cron Job Manager, you can begin to setup the times and dates for certain tasks to be completed on the server.

The three main fields above are required to complete the setup of the task.

- Command - specifying what task you want the cron job to perform.
- Description - what you wish to call the cron job.
- Suspended - gives you the option to suspend the cron job.

You will also be able to review all of your crons that you have setup; decide whether you would like to suspend them, delete them, or add another task to the list. An "Advanced Mode" is also available for those clients who wish to specify the run times by code (example: * /10 */8 1 1 1).

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